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Rehearsal Track Info

You have access to the rehearsal tracks! Below are the instructions on how to get access to the tracks. 

You will need the code: BEA2234976

Please note:

  • A personal username is not needed to access rehearsal tracks. All you will need is the rehearsal code.

  • Before downloading, be sure that you have enough space on your device to download the music and verify you have a strong WiFi Connection.

  • If you leave the app, it will cancel your download and you may have to start over again in downloading the music.

  • Once the tracks are downloaded, set your device in airplane mode with WiFi turned off when playing the tracks. Playback can be disrupted if the device receives a phone call or text message or if the device installs automatic updates.

For those wanting to listen with lyrics, recommend using
the original cast recording (Not the most recent cast).
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